There are 5 locks in the river which cost 20 euros for each passage.
They have to be booked until 12h00 of the previous day and Losttoys (according to the client) will handle the process.


Many of them are small piers and not exactly marinas, are free of charge.

However, there are small marinas, with water and electricity that will cost between 10 and 30 euros a night.


Our Greenline use the solar panels to provide electricity to all equipment’s on board so you only need diesel for propulsion.

Greenline 33

Average speed of 7kn/2500rpm will spend about 4 lts/hour (+/- 200 €)

Greenline 40

Average speed of 7kn/2500rpm will spend about 6 lts/hour (+/- 350 €)


Greenline 33 – 1 700 €

Greenline 40 – 2 500 €


Accidents of personsAccidents of persons

Our special insurance (mandatory for all companies “Maritimo-turisticas”) covers: death and permanent invalidity caused by accident (21.665 €) and expenses with treatment, transportation and repatriation as a consequence of an accident (3.792 €)

Damages caused by clients

Our insurance covers any damage to the boat and its belongings up to the total amount covered
(GL33 ROSÉ 122.948,80 € / GL33 TAWNY 152.987 € / GL40 VINTAGE 223.383,90 € / GL40 WHITE 220.525,90 €). As long as it is proven that the accident was not due to negligence and that the skipper was properly licensed. There is an insurance deposit (“franquia”) of 1% that is discounted from the deposit given by the client during check in.



The Douro Valley is known for its steep hills and in all piers you have a small walking distance to cafes restaurants, things to see… everything further from the pier you can reach it by taxi (contacts given to you in the beginning of your charter).

Nevertheless, we have partners that rent bikes for visiting the city of Porto.


Not authorized, unless guide dogs.


Not allowed.


Not allowed.


The client must have a license that proves he is entitled to sail the boat (according to the characteristics of the chosen boat).


There is a small grocery store just a 5 minute walk from our marina and a big supermarket at just a 3 minute drive. Nevertheless, if you want we can provide you an alternative. We have a partnership with El Corte Ingles (www.elcorteingles.pt). So you can order online and they deliver it to you on the boat on the day of arrival. Only issue is that the website is in Portuguese… and although there are photos and google translator can give you a hand, it might not be the fastest and easiest way to shop. Nevertheless, you can always send us the shopping list and we will email it to them.


The marina has its own outdoor parking, however, you can also find some parking places free of charge around the marina.


SUP Board

Rent of a Stand up Paddle board for 90euros/week.


Transfer from and to the airport, it has a cost of 100 € (until 4 people), 180 € (from 5 to 8 people) and 280 € (from 9 to 12 people).